AGMA.IO is an online HTML5 game for mobile free on friv 2021. is a challenging and exciting .io game that takes inspiration from the original cell-eating game at friv 4. You control a single cell which you can customize with a variety of fun skins and your aim is to multiply, grow in size, and defeat your enemies. The movement of your cell is slow but you can increase rapidly in size by collecting the colored gems that are scattered on the floor.

You can split your single cell down into smaller units to collect gems quicker however this can make you an easy target for your enemies. You can also quickly re-combine your cells together if you are in trouble. This .io game has the added bonus of an in-game shop in which you can buy different skins and power-ups for your cell – you can purchase items using currency you collect during the game. Furthermore, Agma allows you to join a party and work together with your friends to conquer the arena. Can you create an impressive cell and consume your opponents?


Web browser

Release Date

September 2017

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Instruction to play:


  • Space bar to split

  • W to shoot mass

  • E to instant recombine (if you own the item)