Among running

Among running

Date added: 24/11/2022

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Rating: 7.1% 1 votes

Come and join the this arcade game in the Friv4school 2021 Free Games. Amoung running is an interactive game of selecting time in which the objective is to go as far as feasible with the game's protagonist, or to cover the most distance possible. You must dodge the traps on the road and maintain your balance on the platform. The game involves dexterity and quickness. You must be aware of all the obstacles and foes that come along the path. If you lose a life, the game must be restarted from the beginning. After accumulating points, Among Run may be purchased from the shop.

Don't miss your free time to explore the special space that this game has brought to online game players worldwide. You should also expand your games and join the world of Song Ball. They will not disappoint you.

Game controls:

Mouse and touch.

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