Angry Gran Run: Turkey

Angry Gran Run: Turkey is another edition of the arcade game which is playable Friv Games 2021. It's summer time and everyone loves to travel to the sea and / or to vacation in general. The grun loves vacation as well. Sun bathing on the beach in Turkey, enjoying the sea, lots of all inclusive meals. This is simply the perfect summer. But as soon as grandmother returns to the beach, she finds out that her towel disappeared. It really enrages her so she is going to look for it into the city among the people. 

In this game, your main mission is to help gran navigate the streets of Istanbul. Dodge kebabs, campers and other obstacles. Don’t forget to collect all of the coins that you can find, since you can then buy new upgrades and become the best player around. Run ever further and take great care not to crash anywhere. Find a way how to get through the most difficult obstacles without crashing into them. 

We believe that you’ll love the game and that you’ll run as far as possible. Find out now. Share it with friends to play together and seek games namely Tower Takedown.

Instruction to play:

AD to move

Up arrow to jump

Down arrow to slide

Left and right arrow to turn corners