Dragon Ninja Warriors

Play and have fun in this new action game and adventure based on the Dragon Ninja Warriors game from Friv 2021 Online Games. Dragon Ninja Warriors is full of stress, and it is so much fun that the fighting game begins. Let's have a party! Dragon Ninja Warriors is a 3D game with great visual effects and fascinating characters! Your foes will encircle you, having migrated from a mystery planet to your reality. Are you willing to fight? As a courageous Ninja, you must demonstrate all of your abilities. 

Make use of the exceptional abilities bestowed to you. When you employ the special powers, the timer will be triggered. You won't be able to use that power again until the countdown is completed. Keep in mind that you have a pretty powerful fist. You must gather the characteristics and gold that appear after killing your adversaries. When you struggle, you realize you don't have an endless life. You should pay attention to the life bar. You must assault the opposing ninja as quickly and as agilely as possible. This game contains suspense and adventure.

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Instruction to play:

Move around the game with the arrow keys. In the lower right corner of the game, you may track the many special abilities that have been bestowed upon you. Special abilities are only transitory. You can keep track of which ones you may utilize actively here.