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facepunchio- click to play online for free at friv

Facepuch.io is an intense multiplayer boxing game! Before you enter the ring, you must choose a character to fight with. When you enter the ring, you are fighting against many other players from around the world. Just like in the real sport of boxing, you must use your bare fists to punch and hurt your enemies! For each hit you successfully land, you deplete your enemy’s health bar.

You can also sustain damage however and if you get punched, your health bar will also deplete. When moving around the ring you can collect blobs to gain experience and to fill your level bar – when the bar is full your character will progress to the next level and gain extra health points! If you are the reigning champion of the ring, you can unleash a deadly special attack that does mass damage. Keep moving, keep punching, and be sure to land that killer blow! Can you show your boxing skills and conquer the ring?

Release Date

October 28, 2017


Facepunch.io is developed by http://friv4school2021.net/, the same developer who made other great .io games, like Narwhaleio or Wormax.io.


  • Cool animation

  • Addictive gameplay

  • Unique special skill


Facepunch.io can be played online via desktop browser or mobile app.


Game controls:


  • Move your mouse to change the character's movement direction

  • Left click or space bar to punch

  • Right click to use special skill

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