Fidget Spinner Bros

Are you tired of endless playing fidget spinner games alone? Today, we will provide you a new fidget spinner game calls Fidget Spinner Bros at friv 3 juegos, you can have a competition with other players or computer, come here and have a try! Swipe the spinner as fast as you can!

With different levels, colors and shapes of the spinner, you can choose the game with different challenges. Get a number of turns you have, you will win the game when joining the opponent. Fidget Spinner Bros at friv com net is also a game for many players, especially your friends if you have free time together. Join the world of unique spinner games and see what your highest score is. Compare with your friends to see who's going to be the winner today. You will have a chance to take part in the club of spinner lovers if you join this fun game. Hurry! 

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Instruction to play:

Using your mouse to turn the spinners on the PC or tap directly on the screen of smartphone and tablet