Garage Apocalypse

Garage Apocalypse

Date added: 01/08/2018

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Garage Apocalypse is without a doubt one of the best and most exciting Zombie Games we have ever had on Friv4school 2021, which should not be surprising, considering that this is one of our many amazing recommended games, all of which we want you to play, but at this time, this one more, because we know for a fact that most of you have never played it before, so you should get yourself ready for a fresh and exciting new experience. We are going to tell you what to do in the game and how right here, so you should not have any worries at all about how you are going to do! Well, to escape the zombies, you have to repair your car, which you do by clicking on the icon above it. It is not as simple, as you are going to be constantly attacked by zombies.

You have the opportunity to share with your friends to see who is winning the level in the most intelligent way. These guns are placed in different positions so that players can move and shoot zombies from those positions. After shooting the zombies, you can continue to repair the doors and your car.

Click on the gun icons to use the guns through the windows, and the aim the mouse towards the zombies you want to take out, and do so. Take them down before they get to reach the door and destroy them, because them entering your garage means losing the game. If a door is damaged, click on the door icon above it to repair it. You have to be constantly on the move and trying your best to survive, so focus, and give this game your best!

You win the game once you have completely repaired the car, so keep task number 1 in mind. You lose the game once the zombies break one of the doors, so keep 2 and 3 also in mind. Enjoy Garage Apocalypse!

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Game controls:

Mouse = change task / aim gun

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