happy room

happy room

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HAPPY ROOM - Bloody Ragdoll Room Simulator

Welcome to the laboratory of torture! Here tests are taken upon flexible human clones using newest weapon technologies and you are in charge to head these experiments! HAPPY ROOM is a terribly violent, but funny friv game, where you can release your anger without hurting anybody. It is completely free and available online. Enter a happy room and start torturing the ragdoll man as cruel as you want to! At the beginning of the game, walls, floor and ceiling of the laboratory room are empty, so you have a lot of space to install different kinds of traps, weapons and explosives. Start with simple mines and jumpers and unlock new, more powerful weapons in the course of the game. Your objective in the Happy Room game is to cause as much damage as possible to a dummy. The more damage you cause the more money you will earn to buy new weapons like saws, portals, piranhas and even monsters and also unlock a sandbox mode.

There are 4 categories of weapons and traps avaliable in the game: fire guns, melee, explosives and miscellaneous. Select a weapon and drag it to the room area, places where you can place a selected weapon are indicated with a green light. Damage points are displayed on the bar at the top of the screen, you will receive money only if you beat your previous score. You can earn extra money completing special challenges. Click on the upper side bar to see all available challenges. The HAPPY ROOM game also allows you to see how much did you hurt a particular body part of the dummy, you just have to click on the man icon in the left upper corner of the screen. Every part of the body has a different limit, from 139 to 1147 points. Demolish the body part completely for extra money.  Have fun but don't forget that it is just a game!

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Game controls:

Use a MOUSE to choose and place traps and weapons and click on the play button in the bottom of the screen to let the dummy fall. In the HAPPY ROOM you can also control the speed of the experiment, just press on the numbers next to play button. When the experiment is finished, press the play button again to clean the room and prepare the new experiment. 

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