Like a King

LAK Games' "Like a King" is a tower defense and deck-building game. You are a king who must combat other kings by utilizing and combining the units in your card collection. Play it for free at Friv for school 2021 and enjoy many other online games.

Each card represents a distinct unit that may be used on the battlefield. Some of them fight the opponent, while others mine gold and set traps for the enemy unit. completing objectives, constructing a strong deck, and, most importantly, properly strategizing to be the only genuine monarch that remains!- formalized paraphraseDo you enjoy strategy games, tower defense, and collecting card games?

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Instruction to play:

To spawn a unit, tap on an empty tile. Draw a line from the unit you want to attack to the opposing unit you want to attack. Revise your strategies and kill all the opposing troops before they destroy yours.