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MAZE PLANET 3D- click to play online for free at friv 2021.

Move a ball across a 3D Planet full of paths and dead ends. Find your way to the finish line and discover new planets in the amazing and beautiful Maze Planet Universe. You can also try "Find The Key" mode to get extra stars! In the "Find The Key" mode you have to first find a key that is located somewhere on the planet in order to unlock the finish line. Seems easy? Not really, the time is running and it`s running fast !!

Maze Planet 3D is a fun and exciting puzzle game in which as the title suggests, you must try and guide a ball through a series of complicated 3D mazes. The mazes are beautifully rendered and are based in some amazing space landscapes – you can view each side of the 3D maze and you must guide the ball successfully through each panel to reach the end.

As you progress the mazes will become increasingly difficult and more complex. The initial mazes only contain a small number of tunnels but as you complete more levels, you will have to guide the ball through a huge number of twists, turns and corners. Can you complete every level and show off your maze solving skills?

Release Date

February 2021


Maze Planet 3D was made by DK Games.


  • Stereographical mazes with a thematic planet

  • Very cool graphics

  • Unlock more ball's models by earning stars when completing a planet

  • Normal and key mode

  • Adjustable zoom level


Maze Planet 3D is a web browser game at friv 2. We also have the Android and iOS versions.

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Game controls:


Press WASD or arrow keys to move the ball.

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