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Rating: 0% 0 votes click to play online for free at Kizi games 2021. is an awesome multiplayer simulation game in which you must try and survive and have fun in the epic city of Nend. This game is all about survival and you must take care of various aspects of your character such as health, strength and energy. You must find employment to earn cash and then use that cash to purchase food and supplies so you can survive.

You must watch out for other players in the city - they will try and attack you and eliminate you, but you can do the same so be proactive and try to take them out first. Manage every aspect of your life and try to thrive in the wonderful and intriguing city of Nend!

Release Date

March 2021

Developer was developer by LapaMauve, the same developer who made other great .io and


  • A full .io city survival game that has some elements from The Sims

  • Basic needs to maintain

  • You can buy a building to generate income

  • Aging system

  • Level up to upgrade a skill

  • Map navigator

Platform is a web browser game.

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Game controls:

  • WASD to control the movement

  • Left click to attack

  • Enter to chat

  • E or space bar to interact

  • M to open map

  • Right click to delete an item

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