Pro Cycling 3D Simulator

Here is a 3D arcade game that simulates bicycle racing on rural roads. Controlling the rider enables you to complete all five tournament tasks. Lifting the handlebar will get you more money. After you finish the current level, you can still earn coins. Pro Cycling 3D Simulator is a stylish arcade racing simulator that awaits you. Your assistance will enable your hero to triumph in both a sprint race and a competition while seated on a racing bike.

The cyclist must arrive at the finish line first in the first mode after driving two loops. In the second option, winning is required in each of the three main stages, the semifinal, and the final race. You will be awarded five coins for each successful spin in which you tilt the bike nearly toward the road. In Pro Cycling 3D Simulator, you may swap out the racer and bike with ones that are more potent and contemporary if you have enough money.

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Instruction to play:

Hold to speed up, slide to steer or lift the handlebar.