Puzzle Blocks Ancient

Puzzle Blocks Ancient

Date added: 14/06/2017

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Puzzle Blocks Ancient is an interesting puzzle game at friv Games friv. In the game, you solve the riddles of ancient civilizations, the puzzling way! Well, the puzzling blocky way. Your mission is to simple, arrange the ancient stone block thingies so that they fit into the special casing thingie, which in turn will release some ancient magic and allow you to move onto the next level.


During this game at friv Games for free, you need to put all these blocks in right place to finish every level. Remember, u can rotate blocks, which is basically essential if u want them to fit nice and neatly with no ugly gaps anywhere! How many levels can you finish? There are 100 levels to get through. Three ancient civilzations. Will you solve 'em all? Have a try!


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Game controls:

Controls: Use the mouse to play this game. 

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