Rescue from Rainbow Monster Online

A little Impostor is restrained in the chamber and bound by ties.He rescues, cuts the rope, and gathers unusual skins. fun and easy. An intriguing casual puzzle game that brings the well-known cut the rope idea to life is called Rescue from Rainbow Monster Online. This game, which can be played for free on, provides players of all ages with a fun and difficult experience. Rescue from Rainbow Monster Online is certain to attract players looking for a fun and exciting adventure with its vibrant aesthetics, interesting gameplay, and hint of action. One of Rescue from Rainbow Monster Online's unique characteristics.

Such a unique-themed game with a high-quality design for an endless journey will be a perfect option to let you relax after your day. Find yourself emerging in other new worlds, new characters, and brilliant adventures like Parallel universe city adventure, Airplane Wash!

Instruction to play:

Computer controls: To cut the rope and release the character, use the mouse.Touch controls: Slide and tap to cut the rope holding the character captive.