Stickman Bullets Ragdoll

Stickman Bullets Ragdoll is a free online Friv2021 game for boys. Stickman with a bazooka destroys his opponents' bases and blows up his adversaries. - Possibility of total destruction of all around objects - Numerous projectiles for stickman weaponry - Physical antagonists and bizarre blasts - Levels with thrilling obstacles Play an addicting game with incredible devastation! Pick ammunition for your guns and annihilate anything around. Destroy ragdoll foes. Detonate explosives, fire rockets, and send your foes flying away from the explosions to destroy their bases and structures! New skills are updated and learned by you to participate in some similar games with this fighting game that is constantly updated at the website such as Vampire Runner. Save them on your favorite game list and join if you want.

Instruction to play:

PC - Mouse left-click to aim, aiming and release to shoot.

Mobile - hold your finger at the screen to aim, release to shoot.