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SURVIV.IO is an online HTML5 game for mobile free on friv is a cool io survival game in which the gameplay is based on elimination. No one is your friend so be sure to find weapons and equipment to arm yourself. After a certain time, a red dangerous zone is approaching; stay away from it at all cost! The winner of a match is the last player alive. The gameplay is based on the massively popular PUBG. Good luck out there!

This game is truly ruthless and you must act quick and look out for approaching enemies at all times. You must look out for loot such as ammo crates, weapons and body armor - these items will help your survivability and enable you to dish out damage to your opponents. When shooting, watch out for the reload time of your weapons and try to pick up as much ammo as possible - you don't want to be caught short in the middle of a firefight! Can you conquer this survival game and defeat all other players?

Release Date

October 2017


  • Lots of weapons and gears to be found

  • Smooth gameplay

  • Free to create your own play style


  • Desktop browser

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Game controls:


  • WASD to move

  • Left click to shoot or attack

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