sworm.io is an online HTML5 game for mobile free. Click to play at  friv game 2021.

Sworm.io is an upgraded version of the popular Slither.io multiplayer title. In this HD version you can play with a wider range of features and upgrades. The basic gameplay remains the same – you start with a small worm and you must eat the various minerals scattered on the ground to grow in size and strength. Aside from the standard minerals, you can also find power-ups that can greatly improve your survivability and attack power.

You must work hard to grow your worm but avoid taking damage from other players – if you are cut by another player you can lose a large portion of your worm and have to start from scratch again. Use the left-click button to provide your worm with a speed boost and use this to your advantage to escape from other players or move in on them for the kill! Can you conquer the Sworm arena?

Release Date

March 2021


S3Games developed this game. The same developer who made Narwhaleio


  • Awesome Snake-io game with HD graphics

  • You can cut other worms or blocking their path

  • Eat bugs to gain shields for your worm

  • Power-ups that you can pick up

  • Controllable zoom level

  • Mini-map to see the location of other players

  • Spectate mode to watch other players game

  • Changeable skin


This game is a web browser game.

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Instruction to play:


  • Move your mouse to control the worm's movement

  • Left click or W to use a speed boost

  • Right click or space bar to cut