Weekend Life Choice

Your goal in the adorable game "Weekend Life Choice" is to help Barbie and her pals enjoy the best possible weekend, which is obviously a possibility. However, your task is to select from the events you could go to with Barbie and, of course, to assist her.

Barbie has some pretty exciting hobbies, so you may certainly accompany her to these events and activities with her, but your primary goal in this Weekend Life Choice is to assist Barbie get ready for these activities by dressing her up. Each of these events and activities is adorable and a lot of fun.

After selecting an activity to participate in in this new Weekend Life Choice girl game, which you may do in any sequence you choose, you will then receive the necessary instructions and be able to see what you will really perform. For instance, you could need to assist Barbie with taking a bath, and the game will of course provide you with all the necessary directions so you'll know what to do when. Or perhaps all you need to do is dress up Barbie and give her a makeover. Good fortune!

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Instruction to play:

Mouse click or tap to play